Today, we get our designers' take on the recent Wesson redesign.


IMAGE SOURCE: Under Consideration & Wesson

RF: "My first impression on this redesign was that it felt “cleaner,” but it lost the little personality it had. With a traditional grotesque typeface, the new wordmark doesn’t have anything ownable. While my first thought was that this is one of the most bland designs I’ve seen in a long time, what did soften my impression a bit was looking deeper on the website. By seeing the evolution of their packaging, it seems that the objective of the project was to freshen the packaging by removing the glows while bringing in the legacy of the brand. Through the years, you can see there is a history with a three-stripe design.

If the objective was to truly simplify and bring in the legacy, I would have focused on the wordmark to have something more ownable and unique to contrast the overly simple design."

DN: "My initial reaction to this redesign was confusion. While Wesson’s previous design wasn’t anything spectacular, I feel it did have a certain level of brand recognition in stores. Now, they look like a private label store brand. Their logo feels extremely un-ownable, especially when you consider that the only real design element on the packaging is solid blocks of color.

While I do think the rainbow effect they have going on is nice—and probably looks pleasing on shelf—there’s nothing ownable about their color palette either. It would have been nice to see elements that were truly unique to Wesson. However, their new photography looks nice & modern, adding some visual strength to the brand’s website and social media."

NT: "As a regular user of Wesson brand products, I am VERY excited about this redesign! Removing the outdated food photography from front and center of the bottle has created so much more space on the label to simplify and elevate the overall aesthetic, which is just what the brand needed.

I like how the colors of the new bottles utilize the same color delineation for each type of oil as before. I found the individual colors to be helpful when choosing the oil I needed in the store. Now, the color blocking of the new design feels even more prominent and helps to clearly differentiate the types of oil in a bold way.

The balance between serif and sans serif typefaces in the logo and supporting copy is also a nice update to help modernize the overall look. To me, although the design is simple, it doesn’t need to be over complicated. After all, it’s PURE! (and these bottles are going to look way better in my cabinet!)."

Designers' Ratings

Ray Fuentes Jr
Devon Nittoli
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