The Challenge

Kühne is a German family-owned company dating back ten generations. With a strong commitment to quality, honesty, and sustainability, Kühne’s products are an expression of their core values. We were tasked with redesigning their line of yoghurt dressings to better represent the brand today and increase awareness in the U.S. market. They looked to us to explore a structure and develop a design that could help the dressings compete on shelf. They also wanted to communicate their benefits as a healthier way to “dress up” salad. In doing so, we had to emphasize key selling points clearly and distinctly while making the packages pop in an already overcrowded category.



The Solution

Focusing on Classic Ranch, Savory Dill, and Honey Mustard, we explored a clean, more modern design execution to represent the natural quality of the ingredients. We used minimalistic food imagery for a simple design that provided clear visual cues to the flavor and was refreshingly easy to understand among competitors’ busy packaging. The yoghurt line’s benefits were key in convincing the consumer that the dressing still delivered on taste while using alternate ingredients that encouraged healthier eating and living. We integrated the “No preservatives or high fructose corn syrup” and calorie call-outs to emphasize Kühne’s transparency in producing foods “made with love.”

Package Redesign



Scope of Work

Industry and Cultural Trends
Immersion and Ideation
Architecture and Visual Strategy



Packaging and Structural Design
Brand Extension
Photography & Illustration

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