The Challenge

MIKE AND IKE®’s large variety of fruity chewy candies always left consumers intrigued and wanting more. In answer, Mega Mix was born. It’s loaded with 10 flavors in one box and allows consumers to create their own flavor combinations by mix and matching. The challenge was to design a package that clearly communicated the “mega” offering and the uniqueness of the product while maintaining brand integrity. It was essential to differentiate Mega Mix from the Original Fruits core line while incorporating the iconic brand elements that people identified with the most.

The Solution

We wanted to highlight that Mega Mix offers consumers all of their favorite flavors in one box. So we represented Mega Mix’s mega awesomeness with a rainbow to signify the broad spectrum of taste buds it would satisfy. The vibrant colors of the rainbow wave and fruit explosion tease the customer with a rush of flavor waiting to be explored. The exciting graphics fused with the familiar MIKE AND IKE® logo signal to consumers that Mega Mix is a bigger, better product from the brand they know and love. Since its release, it has become a top seller and has helped boost sales and increase overall brand awareness.

"BrandFirst created packaging and point-of-sale for the launch of MIKE AND IKE® MEGA MIX candies. Over the years, the creative team has learned the history of our brands and how to engage our consumers. They know when to stretch the brand equities and when to leverage years of brand heritage. For this project, they expanded the equity of a brand that has been loved by consumers since 1940 with a bold, contemporary and dynamic new look. The packaging creates appetite appeal and pops off the shelf to generate awareness and excitement with consumers and the results have been a Mega Success! Great work combined with great customer service and a team I can trust makes BrandFirst a highly valued partner!"


All Flavors

The best flavors of all the MIKE AND IKE® family into one Mega Mix.

Scope of Work

Immersion and Ideation
Architecture and Visual Strategy



Brand Identity
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Brand Extension

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