The Challenge

PJ’s Beef Steak approached us with the challenge of redesigning their logo and packaging, which was not effectively selling at retail. They wanted to better communicate their story and product, to enhance shelf presence, and to appeal to a wider audience without alienating current customers. Their goal was to create a stronger, bolder design that would help define them in the category and successfully compete against more established brands.



The Solution

PJ’s is owned by Knauss Foods, a company with a 114-year history of producing slow-cured beef products. Their creamed chipped beef recipe was even used by Army cooks in 1910. We took this idea of heritage, pride and tradition and ran with it. We gave their new packaging an old school, butcher-style feel through a distressed chalkboard design and paired it with vibrant flavor callouts. The result is a bold yet authentic design that stands out and establishes PJ’s as a new contender in this competitive category.

“I have worked with BrandFirst for years on a variety of brands and package designs, and have come to trust their creative insight and strategic integrity. With no previous experience in meat snacks, BrandFirst performed their due diligence to understand the new category and explore options that optimized our brand and package design. The result was a perfect reflection of our desired positioning. They gave us a range of designs that delivered on our intentions of a bold, exciting and appetizing package. They were also able to understand the mindset of our target market and ultimately created a concept that grabs consumers' attention and successfully reaches them at shelf.”


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