The Challenge

Pricklee approached us with the challenge of redesigning the packaging for their Superfruit Water. They were undergoing a reevaluation of their formula and wanted to create messaging that supported this new formula and clearly communicated the nature of the product. It was important to ensure consumers understood that the product was closer to a water than a juice. The brand was also considering the transition from a 11.7oz bottle to a slim 12oz can. We were tasked with finding the right balance between depicting the prickly pear cactus fruit while showing its hydrating properties in a clear and bold way.

The Solution

We immersed ourselves in the world of hydrating fruit waters and analyzed new trends to help determine the best way to position the product. We also developed a brand strategy and created a consumer profile to identify the target market and give voice to the language that would best resonate with them. We then designed a range of concepts based on our strategy. The final design embodied both the nature of the product and its benefits with a bold and vivid illustration. Our depiction of the prickly pear cactus fruit gave definition to the product origin while a giant curling blue wave spoke volumes to communicate that the product is a water. We supported this with messaging that communicates the product's hydrating nature and clearly established the efficacious benefits of the beverage.

Each flavor is distinguished by a different color callout and unique palette for cactus fruit. We rolled the design out to Strawberry Hibiscus and Mango Ginger. This further establishes the brand's billboard effect when all three products are displayed next to each other on shelf.

Brand Assets

Part of establishing a voice for the brand includes finding the best language to communicate the brand story. This is the culmination of the brand profile, strategy, and the consumer profile. We wanted to ensure that the messaging established that Pricklee was a non-carbonated superfruit water and crafted by pharmacists as key items that would entice the consumer to try it. We explored additional messaging to further support the rejuvenating nature of the beverage and created the custom wave illustration to graphically depict hydration. Strategic callouts, such as electrolytes + antioxidants as well as the "caffeine free, bubble free" messaging, added nuanced touches to the overall design.

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