The Challenge

GlaxoSmithKline, the strategic thought leader in Smoker’s Health, was looking for a new way to approach retailers with an innovative Leadership Platform for the Smoking Cessation Category. We collaborated with Edgewood Consulting, our marketing insights and strategy partner, to create thought-provoking Leadership Platform Activations for the Smoking Cessation category. To approach this challenge, we immersed ourselves in a smoker’s quit journey, their emotions, and how their mindsets vary, especially from new buyers to repeat buyers. The goal was to create pre-shop, in-store and post-purchase activations with inspirational messaging that would motivate smokers along their quit journey. Ultimately, we sought to provide retailers with assets that could be implemented at shelf as well as across digital and mobile applications.



The Solution

We conducted internal research to determine what consumers were saying about their quit journey and their specific struggles in order to better relate to them. From this, we brainstormed around motivational messaging that was less medicinal and more emotional. We incorporated these engaging messaging options in various pre-shop, in-store and post-purchase activations. We also held joint ideation sessions with GSK and Edgewood to collaborate on specific activations. By creating inspirational and emotional copy, imagery, and messaging that engaged directly with shoppers, we were able to successfully connect with both first-time/new buyers and repeat buyers in the Smoking Cessation category.

Retailer Customization

After the activations were established, we created a Best Practices Guide. This tool visualized the breadth of activations available to retailers so they could create a holistic omni-channel experience for their shoppers. The strategies catered to many different retailers and could be easily customizable based on each retailer’s style guide.


Pre-shop tactics included an ad campaign and social media engagements.


In-store tactics included displays and aisle visualizations.


Post-purchase tactics included follow-up email campaigns, loyalty card engagements and social media integration.

Scope of Work

Immersion and Ideation
Innovation and Development

Shopper Engagement
Aisle Reinvention
Category Visual Solutions
Leadership Platform Support

Brand Extension
Marketing Communications


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