The Challenge

Zebra Pen has over 600 SKU’s across 15 product lines, but they were struggling with sales at retail. Their team recognized that the packaging was not working hard enough to connect with consumers and educate them on the differences between products. We were tasked with creating a more effective package design that would relate to people, distinguish the brand on shelf, and separate the products while establishing a cohesive line look.





The Solution

We started by identifying the brand’s unique own-able attribute: the Zebra. We gave him the role he deserved and created a hand-drawn zebra illustration that has become the brand’s mascot. By introducing a differentiating character, we were able to increase awareness and shelf presence for the brand. We also strategized on how to simplify the product lines and distinguish between them through brand architecture, color differentiation and benefit callouts. The result is an organized brand lineup that effectively communicates the different products to the consumer, allowing them to more easily shop the category.

Brand Extension

In exploring how the brand extends through packaging, we simplified each sub-brand and differentiated the products through color. Each palette was inspired by the zebra and its natural environment.

Package Design



Scope of Work

Architecture and Visual Strategy
Industry and Cultural Trends
Immersion and Ideation
Brand Positioning



Packaging And Structural Design
Brand Extension
Character Illustration

Production Mechanicals