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Today, we get our designers' take on the recent 365 rebrand designed for Whole Foods Market.

IMAGE SOURCE: Whole Foods Market

RF: "Most stores now are rebranding their entire private label lines (name included). Whole Foods took the refresh approach and overall it's a very nice evolution. The wordmark is bolder and has more of a human charm to it, while the holding shape is rounded for a more approachable look. One interesting detail is that they removed “everyday value,” which kind of explained the meaning of 365, and replaced it with the store name “Whole Foods Market.” I think that was a smart change because the word "value" does have a private label feel, so instead using that space for the store name elevates the brand.

A nice detail is when noting a product is Organic, the logo changes from black to green while still keeping the Organic callout lower on the pack. Mainly they took the colors from the squares of the original logo and incorporated them across the rest of the packaging as design asset pieces that do a good job of complementing the products.

Overall I think this is a much needed & good evolution of their brand. It seems like they are focusing on a younger consumer with the bright colors and simplistic shapes, and eliminating the more premium earthy feel that the illustration was originally trying to accomplish."

DN: "The previous designs were all over the place and - quite frankly - pretty ugly. I think the redesign works much better! Now it feels like a premium brand instead of something basic and thrown together for a private label. The truth is people love buying private label for many reasons, but it's not always the "cool" thing to do. Now that the design is stronger, it doesn't feel like you are throwing the affordable option in your cart, it feels like you are purchasing the new trendy product.

I love the use of color and shape throughout to help unify the products and define their new look — whether it's chips, olive oil, or dish soap you can clearly tell it's all the same brand. The illustration style is simple, but well done. The color palette is friendly. I like the subtle changes for organic products. Overall, one of the strongest private label designs I've seen!"

NT: "The challenge when designing packaging for private label is the design aesthetic needs to effectively translate across a wide range of product types and SKUs. The new look for 365 By Whole Foods Market discovers a way to make it work! I love how the packaging comes alive with vibrant colors that were previously hidden within the old 365 logo lockup. Now, the line of private label products becomes unified with a consistent & simplistic illustrative style (which I love) and although the products are all so different from one another, they feel like they all belong together."

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