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Designers React

Today, we get our designers' take on the recent Hello Fresh rebranding.

IMAGE SOURCE: design.studio

RF: "Hello Same, Goodbye Personality. I’ve always been and now continue to be thrown off on why the lime is the logomark of the brand. Are limes the secret ingredient to their original meals? Are limes the freshest fruit when cooking? Or did the original name just fit decently in a lime rather than being in a plain ol’ circle? Most likely the latter, but now they've removed the handwritten aspect of the logo and just kept a lime.

I'm also bothered by the split lime animation. After the lime splits, rotates, and comes back together, you can still see the lines in-between the shapes. Sloppy job there.

That being said, this is still an improvement. The original logo applications and brand assets were pretty amateur. Mainly basic stripes and floods of green when color was needed. This does move it to the next level with some kind of plan, focusing on the nutritional information with touches of their new (random) textured background/colors. What I do like is the inclusion of badges/stamps, which add juxtaposition to the layout. My favorite is Mamma Mia! I think the cropping of the pasta is magnifico.

Overall this is an improvement, but nothing to differentiate from what other brands are doing. Just falling in line."

DN: "As a regular meal kit subscriber, I am very familiar with Hello Fresh & their branding and as a designer I understand that a brand needs to refresh their look from time to time to compete within a saturated market. So that being said, I wasn't shocked to see Hello Fresh redesign their logo and packaging. Overall, I think it's boring and generic. The illustrations feel like every other illustration made in Procreate, although I do like their reasoning behind the types of texture. The text treatments lost all personality and I don't like how over-the-top the packaging labels are. Personally, I feel they were better off before!"

NT: "The first encounter I had with the Hello Fresh refresh was on Instagram in a sponsored post. I noticed right away that the logo icon for the brand was different. My first reaction was that the sponsored post must be a knock-off or imitation of the real Hello Fresh brand. This was because I was so used to seeing the handwritten typography of “Hello” in the previous logo. My impression of the new logo is that it feels generic and lacks personality. I really miss the approachable, humanistic quality that the handwritten “Hello” gave to the brand’s identity. I do like how the “Hello Fresh” text has been removed from the lime holding shape to allow for more flexibility in usage. The individual logo elements come to life nicely, especially in the fun & dynamic animations of the lime icon. By treating the Hello Fresh wordmark and lime logo icon separately as opposed to one element, the logo can be maximized in many different ways. I love the new textured patterns and food illustrations. These elements feel most on-brand to me. They are lively, colorful, friendly and simplistic which are attributes that I have always associated with Hello Fresh. To me, the new choice of typography and its application is what feels disconnected. The black sans serif and gridded formatting feels cold, generic and lackluster. The two graphic approaches create quite the contrast, but ultimately the overall aesthetic feels disjointed and slightly off-brand."

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