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Today, we get our designers’ take on the recent Ronzoni logo and packaging redesign.

IMAGE SOURCE: Brand New & Ronzoni

NT: “In an effort to modernize, enhance shelf presence, and resonate with consumers, Ronzoni approached this redesign with all good intentions. Along with these objectives, the brand was also faced with an incredible opportunity to establish an ownable, original, and memorable aesthetic considering there wasn’t much to own about their look before. However, the new design execution really falls short in creating an iconic image for a brand that has been in business for over 100 years.

This redesign got me thinking about the pasta category (a section of the store I shop way too often) and I began to realize just how large and oversaturated it is with brands and seemingly endless varieties of pasta types. Standing out is certainly not an easy task, and since Ronzoni’s packaging is probably one of the touch points that consumers engage with the most, making an impact is imperative. Ronzoni’s opportunity to establish an ownable look was met with a design that resembles what other brands are already doing. The plain blue box, large pasta imagery, and simplistic typography feels so “been there, done that,” and it’s probably because brands like Barilla, Kraft, De Cecco, and Walmart’s Great Value appear to have taken the same approach. By removing dated stylistic elements such as gradients and unnecessary shadowing, Ronzoni has undoubtedly achieved an update, but I would have liked to see the brand introduce new assets such as a logo icon that relates to the brand’s history, a pattern, or illustration style that leans into its unique positioning around creativity, inclusivity, and the “Shapes of Ronzoni” campaign they emphasize. (Dare I suggest maybe even considering a new packaging structure? I see you Rao’s, Rummo, and Good & Gather!). While I understand that maintaining a sense of familiarity may have been critical since Ronzoni is recognized as “America’s Pasta Brand,” I can’t help but wonder what the packaging and logo could have been if they took a few more risks to break the mold.

It’s encouraging to see that the brand understands the importance of maintaining consistency across all touch points spanning print & digital. Their website user experience and copywriting is certainly inviting, addresses both functional and emotional benefits, and elevates the experience beyond the packaging. Nonetheless, I still can’t help but feel that the overall look of the site lacks originality and reminds me of the aesthetic other brands have adopted inside and outside of the pasta category. Ronzoni’s imagery and photographic style featuring harsh shadows and contrasted lighting takes my mind to Barilla, Rao’s, and Chobani who have already implemented a similar style for their food photography. Sure, it’s trendy and contemporary, but it isn’t as unique as it once was, and to me, embracing originality and maintaining authenticity as a brand evolves with the times is way more valuable than fitting the image of what it means to be modern.”

IMAGE SOURCES: Ronzoni, Instagram, Walmart, Kraft, DeCecco, Chobani



DN: My initial impression was that this is a nice update that elevates the entire brand! The pasta category feels dated as a whole and it’s nice to see a shake up to an otherwise boring category.

The Logo:
I think the most successful logos work well because the extraneous elements have been removed. In Ronzoni’s case, removing the holding shape, gradients, and grain illustration helps to declutter and strengthen the mark. I like how they kept the curved text and distinctive “R,” but modernized it by making it more mono-weight and removing text highlights & shadows. It works much better in a broader range of applications now.

The Packaging:
While it feels a little bit like a private label design, I think the redesign does help shoppers more easily identify the pasta variety they are searching for. The focus on one product image versus a grouping is much cleaner & makes the window less relevant, which is probably why they made it smaller. I also like how removing the background gradient allows for starker contrast which really makes the pasta pop! I think the seal/icon is unnecessary, but it has been nicely carried throughout various applications, so I think it works well in the digital space.

The Website:
This is probably one of the nicest website rollouts I’ve seen. It feels modern, clean, easy to navigate, and features beautiful product and lifestyle photography. Nicely done!

IMAGE SOURCE: Brand New & Ronzoni

AA: Ronzoni’s new aesthetic is such a fresh, clean, and modern take on where they were previously! The former branding had so many elements like gradients, drop shadows, and embellished logo that made it feel dated. I think the over usage of colors made it look cheap, like the triple stroke with red, yellow, and white that lined the packaging.

The Logo:
This was a great way to evolve the Ronzoni identity while maintaining some elements to stay true to their history. The wordmark feels familiar with similar characteristics that appeared in earlier logo iterations, like the arched wordmark and the decorative “R,” while the overall simplification really elevated the look. Losing the drop shadows and yellow highlights on the letters were nice touches to clean up and modernize the mark.

The Packaging:
There’s so much working about this! I’m a huge fan of the use of negative space and the breathing room they gave between the logo, the pasta image, and the descriptive text. The packaging offers an easy read with a clear and simple hierarchy. Whereas the old packaging was busier, now the eye can easily glide from top to bottom for a quick read of what brand this is and what the product is. I also love how the noodles have an animated feel since they’re so large – it almost feels like each noodle is personified.

The Website:
With so much visual interest in the way Ronzoni approached the usage of shapes and the overall layout, the new website is so fun to look at! The rounded shapes really point back to the soft and roundness of noodles and create a gentle, welcoming vibe for users. I also like how the home page has the pasta highlight with some playful copy that is fun and friendly. I love how vibrant the colors and the imagery are as it gives the website a very positive feel. Overall, the branding feels cohesive and I think this is a great refresh for Ronzoni!”


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