Our Inspiration

We’re an ever-evolving creative team with a mind for imagination and an eye for details. Every brand has (or should have!) a story to tell. Ours is a simple one. We’re a 35-year-old woman-owned business whose focus over the years has grown from a production company to a multi-disciplinary agency that handles everything from concept through execution. Today, we are an adventurous group of big thinkers that thrives on learning and innovation. As we continue to transform, so do we continue to shape our brand.

Our Reveal

This new identity is a celebration of our creative and collaborative nature. Life is full of moving parts and our logo is no different. We created something that is flexible and adaptable, a testament to our versatile talent and progressive mindset. The first class ribbon is an important piece of our identity, so we retained that icon and utilized it in a way that encourages cleverness and fluidity. The two ends of the ribbon symbolize a coming together toward a common goal, an ambitious goal, one that opens up different perspectives and results in measurable success. It’s also a social statement, emblematic of our outgoing team and our collective ability to create something unique and differentiating for each and every one of our clients. So that’s our story! What’s yours?

Behind the Scenes