Peach Fuzz

PANTONE 13-1023


NT: “Is Peach the new Blush?” It’s a question I see popping up in light of the recent reveal of ‘Peach Fuzz’ and I personally hope that the answer is, “YES!”.

Blush tones and shades of pink have always been pretty popular (and in some cases, played out) especially in fashion and wedding color schemes. What I love about Peach Fuzz is that it ‘wipes the dust’ off dusty rose and other muted pinks for a nice neutral color that skews more orange and vibrant. It’s warm and approachable yet youthful and energized. Not to mention the name is super cute! Peach Fuzz is giving the impression that it is ready to work its way into the world, and I will be watching and waiting to see how and where it starts showing up.

One place I can see it making its way into is interior design. I think it’s safe to say that for the past few years, we’ve seen cool tones and neutral colors completely take over homes from the inside out during the ‘Millennial Gray Era,’ which has resulted in dull and lifeless spaces with not much personality. Peach Fuzz would be the perfect color to work into the home to add a pop of personality and charm in a throw pillow or accent furniture piece. It’s adaptable and works well with other warm colors such as coral pink, yellow and orange, but also pairs nicely with complementary colors on the other side of the spectrum such as blue, violet and green.

I decided to take a look around my own home to see if Peach Fuzz was present and it turned up in more places than I realized!

Once the spring and summer months hit, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Peach Fuzz in advertising for beauty and makeup brands aiming to target younger audiences because of its light, youthful and fresh appearance. Even food and beverage brands such as Starbucks have already shown traces of the color alongside new items for 2024, which seems fitting because Peach Fuzz definitely has the ability to tap into the senses and expresses a certain ‘appetite appeal’ as well. A Starbucks-Pantone collaboration drink inspired by the peachy freshness of Peach Fuzz would be a hit in my opinion!”


DN: I guess it’s time to “embrace the warmth” of Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year, whether you are a fan of the color or not. For the record, I am not!

According to their website, the color is meant to reflect a nurturing, gentle spirit that enriches the mind, body, and soul. The color is naturally very feminine and soft, making it an obvious choice when it comes to female-centric products (e.g., make-up, fashion, skincare, nail polish, etc.).

I think we will start to see it marketed towards women as a new take on a neutral. A few predictions:  

  • Modernizing “natural” manicures with a peachy spin.
  • Accessorizing bolder outfits with softer peach pieces.
  • Matching workout sets paired with a peachy yoga mat.


What I don’t think we will see is it resonating with male consumers. Most men aren’t going to want to paint their house in Peach Fuzz or buy a new bedspread—even if the color does evoke a warm, cozy feeling! I could see it popping up in home décor trends such as patterned wallpapers & linens or throw pillows, but again I feel like it is catering more to women.

As far as Peach Fuzz goes in my design efforts, it feels too trendy of a color to implement without a good reason. While this color is “in” according to Pantone, it feels dated to me. For example, if you told me the history of peach’s popularity could be traced back to the 1950s, I would believe it! It’s reminiscent of days gone by. Since all trends are cyclical, I guess it’s not surprising that it popped back up, but I think the only way I could see myself using the color is if I tried to capture a sense of nostalgia for a modern brand with roots in the past.”

AA: I think this color (even though it’s seemingly simple) can really stand out in home, apparel, or even accessories. It could make a great addition as a neutral to a bold palette or serve as a pop of color to a more neutral palette. I think this color is very versatile, capable of provoking excitement with its bright, inviting tone, or calm with its warmth and beauty depending on its environment and textures.

This color could work well in both fashion and interior design this spring. I’m already seeing so much Peach Fuzz home décor at Target, while other pastel colors in general are trending in apparel for the spring. I’m even seeing the pastel trend showing up in Stanley cup designs. Overall, I think Peach Fuzz accurately reflects current trends and styles!”



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Devon Nittoli
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