About The Show

Our current food system is unsustainable; it’s destroying the environment and unable to meet future demand. How can we feed almost ten billion people by 2050 enough protein in a way that is affordable, healthy, and good for the environment? There are many companies that are trying to do just that. The Alternative Protein Show is a networking event where all the players in the New Protein Landscape are invited to share their products, initiatives, and ideas for the future of protein. These companies include plant-based and cell-based protein manufacturers, ingredients, technology, incubators & accelerators, NGOs, VC funds, government agencies and more.


As the official Design Partner of the show, we were given the opportunity to produce a podcast featuring all of the sponsors. We’re excited to share those interviews here.

About This Series

Food and technology are powerful shapers of our identity. Both tap into places occupied by our psyche and are analogous to imagination and wonder. Food has its practical applications and pays homage to the cultural diversity of our planet. Technology is, at its best, the realization of inventive ideas that solve problems. When the two are combined, the solutions can open new doors we didn’t know existed.

Episode 9

In this episode we will be interviewing Robert Yaman, COO of the Alt Protein Show. We will talk about some of the experiences we had at the inaugural show back in January 2019 and then delve into Robert’s blog, where he keeps tabs on the different patents filed under the cellular agriculture genre. We will attempt to understand the different patents companies are filing and whether or not this is the result of strategy, research direction or specialization within a particular framework. You may also happen to hear some bird sounds in the background. Don’t worry, it isn’t in your imagination, it is just Robert’s cockatiels, Zeke and Conrad, interjecting their points of view. You can sign up for Robert’s newsletter and read his blog at robertyaman.com.

Episode 8

Gold & Green of Helsinki has a great story. Frankley, oats are often thought of as a breakfast food, especially as it relates to certain cultural affectations. This is where things get interesting. Gold & Green is making something called Pulled Oats, which have rich protein content and a full amino acid profile. The Nordic Oats they use to create their product, along with Faba Beans and Yellow Peas, have a great mild taste and tender texture. Maija Itkonen is no stranger to a good story and she has` an interesting perspective on many things. Gold & Green is only currently available in Finland and Sweden, but made its first appearance at the Alternative Protein Show. Believe us when we say, it tastes nothing like a bowl of oatmeal.

Episode 7

As a sponsor of the Alternative Protein Show, IFF invited us to come to their flavor headquarters in New Jersey to record our podcast with them live. They are a leading innovator of scent, taste, and nutrition, with over 110 manufacturing facilities, 100 R&D centers, and 33,000 customers globally. One of the most interesting aspects of what they do revolves around how our senses interpret taste and smell. It is an open door to the imagination and the scientific pursuit, dissemination and reinterpretation of the natural world. This is where the poetry of flavors and fragrances have the potential to present on the highest level as it relates directly to the human senses.

Episode 6

Siddhi Shot is a Strategic Advisory Firm dedicated to building and scaling plant-based companies. They have extensive expertise in manufacturing, managing co-manufacturers, negotiating partnerships, manufacturing and supplier relationships, and crisis management. Siddhi Shot has the tool box to really help the industry flourish. This is so valuable, especially with the challenge at hand, where scaling up in a way that is comprehensive and intelligent can mean the difference between failure and success.

Episode 5

Foa & Son is an International Insurance Brokerage Company. Their Food & Beverage division is the fastest growing segment of their business. We are talking about a company that was founded in 1861 with a diverse portfolio straddling many different industries, so wow! It just goes to show you, besides the fact that Food & Beverage is an industry with many risks and pitfalls, the growth of Food & Beverage is really incredible and illustrates a huge shift as a result of smaller startups innovating and appealing to the consumer on a whole different level. We will discuss how cellular agriculture and plant-based, ripe with innovation, require risk planning just the same as many traditional players in the food and beverage space.

Episode 4

Food Plant Engineering are architects, engineers, and construction managers for food processing, manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities. If you are on the road to scaling up, their experience will be invaluable. The concepting and execution of innovative products must be met with a qualitative approach in order to meet the standards that the marketplace demands. This is especially true as related to food innovation. Putting food out there is a form of publishing; one must meet the grammarian and then send it to press.

Episode 3

Wild Earth fits perfectly into the Alternative Protein landscape. They are innovating pet food and creating a completely different format of sustenance for our furry friends. They utilize Koji, which is protein-packed and rich in amino acids, as the base for their pet food formula. This is the same Koji you didn’t even know you were familiar with, because it is used to make miso paste, sake, and is currently a component added to create the umami flavor in high-end culinary cookery. Their first product is a clean high-protein dog treat that is eco-friendly and renewably sourced.

Episode 2

Tofurky was founded in 1980 and since then they have been one of the leading companies in the plant-based industry. Join us as we learn about Tofurky’s beginnings, their challenges along the way, and how they plan to continue innovating in the alternative protein landscape.

Episode 1

This is the first of a series of Podcasts for the Alternative Protein Show. We will be interviewing Rusty Schwartz from KitchenTown, a food startup incubator based in San Francisco, CA and Berlin, Germany. With all of the innovations currently occurring in food and technology, we will be delving into a diverse and compelling list of topics, including: Food Innovation, Product Development, Start-up Challenges, Scaling Up, and Success Stories from some of the companies that KitchenTown has helped along the way.

Sponsorship Packet

The Alternative Protein Show is an event unlike any other in this industry: the emphasis is on the networking, meeting people, and making connections. Sessions are optional, and instead of panels, you can choose from any one of the many “deep dive” sessions led by experts in their field.

Protein Map

We all need protein, but how we address that need and its toll on the environment depends entirely on our ability to adapt. This is where science and agriculture can come together to help us reduce our impact on the planet and contribute to our overall health and wellbeing.