About The Show

PlantStance is an exciting podcast collaboration between BrandFirst and Sprouted Ventures, as we team up to share our branding and go-to-market strategy insights into the plant-based and food-tech industry.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 2

In our latest #plantstance podcast, we got together with Sprouted Ventures to talk about the latest with the#BeyondMeat IPO filing. Keep in mind, we are speaking about our initial impressions. Our objective was to have a quick reaction, a discussion, and some different perspectives to give you something to think about. When a private company decides to put itself out there and their product is intended to act as a disrupter or a solution to big issues, it deserves a conversation. When that very same company also declares a loss in their revenue from the year before, it is an interesting juxtaposition relative to the fact that it is looking for investors in the first place. Financial vulnerabilities aside, is this a worthy investment and if so, why? This is just a collective take and by no means a professionally informed direction.

Another complexity: We learned today that Tyson just exited their investment position of the company right before the filing, the news just keeps marching on.

Episode 1

In this inaugural episode, we will be sharing our takeaways from Natural Products Expo West 2019, which was dominated by plant-based products. We will be drilling down and digging in to give a snapshot of what we saw. In this densely crowded marketplace, we hope to bring a progress report that you can look to when you want to understand how a creative firm and a go-to-market strategy company get together and do a mindmeld.