The Challenge

We immersed ourselves into Hackettstown’s culture, interviewing residents, business owners and even visitors to gather a deeper understanding of the town and the way others view it. We discovered that people saw Hackettstown as a “big small town” right in the middle of country life and big city allure. They were comforted by Hackettstown’s sense of community; however, there was still a desire to see the town move forward and to become more of a destination. We developed a strategic brand positioning that brought that feeling of “warmth of home” and “spirit of culture” to life.

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Competitive Analysis

Brand Positioning

Place Branding

Visual Identity/Logo Design

Marketing Materials


The Solution

Through our research, we developed a brand mark that is bright, inviting and embodies the town’s ideal fusion of culture, family and friends. The tagline “Uncover the Many Layers of Hackettstown” also represents the town’s diversity and highlights the variety of things to do. Since the launch of the branding campaign, more restaurants and stores have opened their doors, and an exciting craft beer scene is developing.

“We are extremely pleased with our choice to partner with BrandFirst as we developed our revitalization initiative. They dove deep into our town and the community to understand its history, our people and what makes us unique. They uncovered the personality of Hackettstown and created a brand that resonates with people and embodies everything the town has to offer. We’ve been receiving great response on the new brand and are very enthusiastic about the direction Hackettstown has been moving since this work.”


Billboard Campaign

We also developed a billboard campaign showcasing shop owners and small businesses around town. This campaign embodied the idea of community and hometown warmth by celebrating the unique shops and unique people of Hackettstown. The billboards were put up in surrounding towns to encourage people to visit Hackettstown to shop, dine and explore. They also supported local businesses and gave an incentive for others to open up shop in Hackettstown.

Logo Redesign