Artisan Crisps Bring Fruit & Fire To Snacking Category

On a mission to elevate the snack experience for consumers, Nustef Baking’s Kii Naturals® line of handcrafted artisan crisps combines authentic, wholesome ingredients with bold flavors so the snacking experience is never dull. When they set out to add sweet & spicy mini crisps to their product lineup, we brought the brand to life.

Agency Services

Strategy & Positioning


Logo Design

Packaging Design

Product Photography

Tradeshow Booth


Strategy & Positioning

Smaller than their standard artisan crisp, the mini line was perfect for snacking and boasted an elevated “sweet heat” flavor combination. We analyzed how competitors communicated similar flavor profiles, identified a target audience, and determined unique product attributes to establish a market position that differentiated the new line from the brand’s flagship offerings.

Concept Development

Naming, Logo, Packaging Explore

We simultaneously looked at naming, logo design, and packaging design to provide a variety of options that effectively represented the product. We maintained consistency with the parent brand while ensuring the product could stand out independently. Each concept explored different approaches to hierarchy, color palettes, product & ingredient imagery, and messaging.


Knowing that product imagery would be the focal point of the packaging, we coordinated a photo shoot to develop a versatile portfolio of assets for the brand to leverage across any touchpoint. Our focus was on generating appetite appeal, visually communicating the product’s essence, and providing usage inspiration, which were the key objectives guiding the image development process.

Inspiring Creativity In The Kitchen

From charcuterie boards to dips and toppings, the possibilities for enjoying these crisps are endless so we made sure the photos inspired consumers to get creative in the kitchen. Bringing the brand to life through lifestyle images not only helped to educate consumers about the product, but also demonstrated its versatility and how it can easily (and deliciously!) be incorporated into their daily lives.


Crafting A Sensory Experience

Kii Naturals® Fruit & Fire™ Snack Crisps are made in small batches with grains, fruits, nuts & seeds to create a complex sensory experience with a satisfying crunch. We collaborated with the photographer and a food stylist to create lifestyle shots that incorporated the product with the ingredients to emphasize the authentic, crunchy, better-for-you essence of the brand.



The Solution

The top half of the package remained consistent across all SKUs to create a brand block effect by leveraging the parent brand logo, an ownable Fruit & Fire™ Snack Crisps lockup, and the dark blue background for an elevated aesthetic. We utilized a band of color and prominent ingredient imagery to quickly communicate each flavor and incorporated a heat meter to educate consumers on the level of fruity vs. fiery in each SKU. Consistent benefits callouts and certifications rounded out the front panel for a design that communicates the dynamic and genuine essence of the brand.

Bilingual Rollout

Sold in both the United States and Canada, we adapted the packaging for the Canadian market. This included the incorporation of French translations for all copy, modifications to the legal mandatories to comply with Canadian standards, and incorporating additional certifications, all while maintaining consistency to create brand equity in both markets.

Trade Show Booth Design

With the Fruit & Fire™ branding established, we turned our attention to designing the Nustef Baking trade show booth. To address the challenge of representing four distinct brands within a cohesive booth, we adopted a holistic approach. We created seamless graphics that flowed across panels, guiding visitors through a comprehensive Nustef Baking brand journey.

Focusing On The Details

From product & packaging to ingredients & usage imagery, each section showcased a variety of elements that conveyed the nature of each brand. Other areas grabbed attention with stylized taglines, benefits callouts, product descriptions, and flavor cues.

“We were fortunate to partner with BrandFirst Creative Agency for our new launch of Kii Naturals® Fruit & Fire™ Snack Crisps, and the results were exceptional. Their team’s creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to design excellence truly set them apart. From the initial brand strategy and logo design concept discussions to the supporting romance copy and final packaging artwork release, every step of the process was marked by professionalism and well-prepared, insightful design options.”