Clean Beauty Product Line Goes Digital

When Mane ‘n Tail launched their newest line of products, we helped them build their digital presence for the big announcement. Coined Clean Beauty, the assets for the collection of three shampoos and conditioners used color & illustrations to differentiate between SKUs. We utilized these design elements and extended them to a variety of touchpoints.

Agency Services

Amazon Storefront Design

Website Design

Email Marketing Campaign


Amazon Storefront & A+ Content

The products were front and center with corresponding scent cues, benefits messaging, and iconography, while the A+ content continued to leverage color, educational messaging, and prompts to purchase.

Shopify Website & Email Marketing Campaign

The home page header image communicated the clean & refreshing nature of the product line with a prominent call-to-action, while each email blast in the series focused on a particular product in order to expand upon the communication points & each item’s unique formula.