Prima® Wawona

As the largest grower of stone fruits in North America, Prima® Wawona was seeking a revitalized image for their Prima® brand of peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots. The logo refresh was just the beginning as we developed a full brand experience that included packaging & website design, social media campaigns & ongoing management, and marketing collateral. Scroll through to check out all the reFRESHed, juicy, and tasty Prima® branding!

Strategy & Branding

Brand Positioning | Identity | Icon Development | Brand Story

With a 150-year history of growing stone fruit, Prima® Wawona came to us as an industry leader with an established market presence. With the goal of revitalizing their image, we started by analyzing industry & category trends and identifying target audiences in order to develop a strategic framework. After aligning on the strategy, we explored a range of evolutionary logo concepts for the brand. By reviving their classic colors and adding a few natural details to create a vibrant and expressive mark, we landed on a rejuvenated logo that honors their past and celebrates their bright future.



Consumer Packaging Design | Line Extensions | 3D Renderings

Once the re-energized identity was launched, the next step was to update all Prima® brand consumer packaging, which included cellophane pouch bags, boxes, and cartons. Our goal was to communicate the premium quality of Prima’s fresh, juicy, and tasty products. We utilized established assets and created additional icons for key callouts that highlight quality & authenticity and stand out on shelf. We also adapted pieces of the brand story to work on pack as consumer-friendly copy that was informative and engaging. The end result was a cohesive portfolio of packaging that draws attention in-store and maintains brand continuity.


Web Design

Website Design | Video & Animation | Copywriting

Next up: the website. We set out to design a comprehensive site with a premium yet fun aesthetic and a user-friendly experience that resonated with consumers and made it easy to maintain a connection with Prima®. Leveraging the plethora of brand assets already created, we continued to extend our ideas and designed additional icons, edited videos, and implemented relevant lifestyle photography. In order to keep consumers inspired and excited to purchase Prima® stone fruit, we rounded out the home page by highlighting recipes & unique usage occasions and linking to the brand’s Instagram profile. We also expanded the messaging to help consumers learn more about the history of the Prima® Wawona company, their fruit varieties, and their growing practices.

Social Media

Content Planning & Management | Video & Animation | Copywriting | Community Outreach | Giveaways

In order to keep the Prima® brand top-of-mind, to influence & inspire future purchases, and to increase brand recognition in-store, we developed an ongoing social media management plan for both Instagram and TikTok. This included a calendar and corresponding content for each month that was relevant & specific to Prima’s stone fruit seasons. Through static posts, animations, and videos, we focused on maintaining the brand’s messaging & aesthetic, engaging followers, and continuing to educate on Prima’s practices and stone fruit in general.

As the brand continues to grow, our plan adapts with it in order to help them maintain a strong presence on social media. For example, we continue to run giveaways to maintain excitement around the brand and to continue to grow Prima’s followers. The giveaways are relevant to the season and have included a Back-to-School theme, a Baking bundle, and a Holiday prize pack. We promote each giveaway with paid targeted ads, aligning the targeting criteria with user interests relevant to each prize theme. The giveaways have helped to maintain growth momentum, increase brand awareness, and cultivate consumer engagement.

Social Media Campaigns

Video & Animation | Copywriting | Content Planning & Management | Community Outreach | Sponsored Ads | Campaign Analysis


At this point, Prima® was ready for something disruptive that would also help increase brand recognition among consumers. When they tasked us with developing and implementing a large-scale social media campaign, we were ready to take on the fruity challenge! The scope of the campaign included creating assets & content in various formats across Instagram and TikTok, writing captions & providing hashtags, establishing relationships with influencers, setting up ad campaigns, scheduling content, monitoring community interaction, and providing metrics to track progress & overall success.

To start, we focused on creating videos that were informational, fun, and on trend in order to pique interest and appeal to a new demographic on TikTok. From there, we continued to create and execute a portfolio of brand-building initiatives across both platforms through consumer-focused photo & video posts that included relatable lifestyle imagery, educational & informational messaging, and showcased Prima® stone fruits in use. We also engaged influencers to establish partnerships & collaborations in an effort to generate excitement and awareness around the brand & the upcoming contest. Leveraging photo & video posts, Stories, and Reels on Instagram coupled with TikTok videos to maximize audience reach, this pre-contest brand awareness helped to increase followers and generate contest buzz.

The first annual #PrimaPeachChallenge contest launched on Instagram and TikTok on July 1st, 2021 and ran for 30 days on both platforms. This timing aligned with the start of peach season, which helped to generate interest and excitement among peach lovers. Photo and video entries were submitted on Instagram and TikTok consistently throughout July with each platform gaining increased traction as the month progressed. Throughout the contest, we monitored entries, maintained engagement with followers & participants, and continued to run sponsored ads.

Check out #primapeachchallenge and #primapeachchallenge22 on Instagram & TikTok to see some of the fun, creative, and tasty contest entries!

Marketing Materials

Brand Standards | Brochures & Sell Sheets | Sales Presentations | POP Displays

In order to continue to build and maintain equity, awareness, and long-term loyalty with the refreshed Prima® branding, it was important to extend the experience to all additional marketing assets as well as internal and external communications. We started with brand standards that provide guidelines for logo & brand use, as well as color palettes, fonts, and messaging. Some of the additional pieces included sell sheets, brochures, sales presentations & pitch decks, in-store POP signage & display bins, and email signatures – just to name a few! Since Prima’s operations change with the seasons, it has been essential to adapt & extend the design & messaging for each touchpoint throughout the year as we continue to build a complete brand experience.