The Challenge

Gourmet Nut has a portfolio of brands that focus on healthier snacking options. When the company wanted to launch a new brand of apple chips, they came to us with the challenge of naming this product, creating messaging that educates the consumer on why this product is better than others, and developing a package design that looks healthy yet fun and effectively communicates all of the product benefits. We were up for the challenge!

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As part of the naming process, we started to develop a brand story that would support the name of this new brand. Part of that story focused on the fact that the apple chips were made with one simple ingredient: apples! These apples come from Washington state and are selected for their freshness and deliciousness. The apple chips are simply baked with a crinkle-cut proprietary process that allows for a more even bake across each chip. The name was born: Simple Slices says it all.


The Solution

When creating the package design concepts, we wanted to capture the simple, healthy, wholesome nature of the product. We considered the use of color palette, messaging hierarchy, and imagery that would instantly resonate with the consumer and communicate the idea of fresh apples. The final design features a large apple shape and a mix of fresh apples & baked product pieces to showcase the product in its fresh state as well as its final form. The package also maintains a matte finish with spot gloss to highlight the apple elements.

Brand Assets

We created a library of assets for the brand, including a "Good to the Core" seal and a tagline, "Crave the Crunch, Not the Junk," that speaks to the healthy nature of the product. We also conducted an in-house photo shoot and sourced imagery that we then modified for the brand's proprietary use. All elements supported the brand's story of being healthy, wholesome, and made with fresh apples from Washington state.

"BrandFirst truly WON our business. Better than any testimonial I could give was the praise the new designs received from several national retail buyers who described them as "best in class." Like their designs, Brand First is best in class!"


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