New England Solar Company Gets Forward-Thinking Refresh

As a leading solar company based in Rhode Island, Smart Green™ wanted a brand refresh to help them expand their offerings to encompass additional home services. Before starting on the design, we defined a unified yet unique brand position to differentiate the company in a competitive market. We also crafted a brand story that communicated their range of services and their value as a company focused on leadership, along with messaging specific to their solar services.

Agency Services

Strategy & Positioning

Visual Identity/Logo Design

Brand Standards

Brand Story

Logo Design: Initial Concepts

Our initial range of designs explored color palettes, typography, iconography, and lifestyle imagery to look at different ways of communicating premium home services with a focus on sustainability and the future.

Before & After

The final identity was clean and flexible in order to adapt for each home service, while the wordmark was bold and empowering with modified letterforms for ownable characteristics.



Logo Adaptability

With a variety of horizontal and stacked versions, the wordmark adapts for each individual home service. There are also options that include all services and monogram icons for smaller applications. The icon incorporates a forward-pointing arrow to enhance communication of the company’s focus on the future.

Brand Extension

We rounded out the experience with a set of Brand Standards to establish consistency with defined logo usages, color palettes, typography, and imagery styling.