Sweets and Snacks Expo 2024

The Sweets and Snacks Expo has come to an end for 2024. It was the first time that Brec Morgan and I had a chance to go to the show when it was in Indianapolis and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! It was also the first time we did the Suppliers Showcase. Meeting other suppliers in the industry and having a chance to meet some new people and brands made the experience worth it. (Getting up at 3am for a 6am flight and then setting up for the show on Monday was not the easiest thing to do, but we made it happen!)

We walked the show on Tuesday & Wednesday and had a chance to meet up with some current clients. It’s always nice to see people in person, especially when we don’t get to do it much these days. Seeing our trade booth graphics come to life for Just Born, Goetze’s, and Nustef Baking was a rewarding experience. And catching up with clients like Gourmet Nut was a treat! We even had the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Duke the Cow from Cow Tales, who was celebrating his 10th birthday. Happy birthday, Duke!

In walking around, we keep an eye out for trends in products, flavors & innovations. This year, texture seemed to be the name of the game over flavor innovations. Whether it was freeze-dried, popped, baked, or some other form, unique texture is something that everyone is trying to achieve. And, of course, most of these forms are healthier than being fried, and we all know that better-for-you is the trump card.

Some of our highlights in Texture included:

Image Sources: Tru Fru, Brain Freeze™

Frozen & Freeze-Dried:

Tru Fru was one of the first to offer freeze-dried fruits and then moved into frozen products. They did not disappoint this year with their newest product, frozen bananas and peanut butter wrapped in dark chocolate. Other brands include Brain Freeze™ freeze-dried candies and Paradise Fruits, who offers both freeze-dried fruits & vegetables.


Confetti Snacks is a new one to me. With baked fruit & vegetable products, such as crunchy mandarin orange slices, mushroom chips, and veggie chips, this is the first product of its kind that I’ve seen. It has dynamic crunch and vibrant flavor. Truly remarkable. I can’t believe it’s baked!

Image Source: Confetti Snacks


Pringles® Mingles™ puffed snacks was one of the show sponsors and they were offering their new flavor, Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. Like Air® Puffcorn (featured on Shark Tank) was back for another year with their standard flavors of Classic, White Cheddar, Pancake, and Cinnamon Bun.

Beyond texture, flavor, or other product feature, the biggest takeaway is overall brand experience.

Overall Brand Experience:

Most noticeable wasn’t a flavor or product innovation but the fact that brands overall want to enhance the consumer brand experience. Candy and snacks aren’t just for holidays or special occasions. They are for backyard BBQ’s or picnics, for relaxing and binging Netflix, for sharing with friends over a drink. By expanding the experience beyond the product itself, brands are starting to connect with consumers in a new way. We see brands encouraging consumers to share their thoughts on TikTok and Instagram, even bringing in interactive and gaming components.

It was great to see this is just the beginning. As an agency, we know brands need to expand beyond the package and offer consumers a consistent and genuine experience across all channels. I’m sure we’ll continue to see this evolve as consumers become more demanding of their brands. Can’t wait to see what next year’s show brings!

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